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Choice Navigator Services

What is a Choice Navigator?

Parents who choose to homeschool their children can get the help, guidance, and support that they need from an experienced, knowledgeable, and credentialed Choice Navigator. As the parent, you are still in control of how you homeschool, but you can get support and guidance for anything homeschool-related through your Choice Navigator and your fees for services can either be reimbursed by your child's scholarship if you choose to pay upfront or you can pay directly from your EMA scholarship account.

If you would like help with creating a student learning plan for your child, we can work on that process together so that you not only have curriculum options, but also have resources and suggested supplies to meet your learning goals. If you are new to the Personalized Education Program (PEP) and need help navigating the scholarship application process, need help with how to submit reimbursements, or how to use the scholarship to benefit your child now and in their future, we can discuss all of these things during your scheduled Choice Navigator consultation sessions. If you are new to homeschooling, we can start from the beginning by choosing the best curriculum and learning options for your child. I can help you customize your homeschooling program by taking into consideration your goals, your preferences, your amount of time available to be involved, etc.

With over 18 years of homeschooling experience, I am prepared to help you with whatever age/grade your child is in. We can tackle any challenge or struggle that you are facing together! I will help you overcome any hurdles or difficulties. I will encourage and support you!

Homeschooling is not always easy, but it can be done successfully with some guidance from someone with experience.

  • Do you need help with how to get started homeschooling in Florida?

  • Do you need help improving your current homeschooling program?

  • Are you needing a fresh new start and want to change things up?

  • Do you need help with how you can homeschool in high school?

  • Do you want more info about dual enrollment, transcripts, high school diploma, College-Prep, Florida Bright Futures Scholarship, etc.?

  • Do you have a child with special needs and want help with how to homeschool? Do you want to know about a scholarship that your child may be eligible for?

  • Do you need help with how to submit reimbursements to Step Up For Students, how to use the FTC-PEP or FES-UA scholarship for your child's education and college, etc.? I'm experienced with the scholarships and reimbursement process and can help you!

  • Do you need help developing and implementing a Student Learning Plan?

  • Do you need to know your best testing options available to meet the PEP (Personalized Education Program) annual renewal requirement?

  • Do you want to quit homeschooling because you feel like a failure?

I can help you!

With over 18 years of experience homeschooling my 3 children since Pre-K, I've been there and know all about the struggles and challenges you may be facing! You can enjoy homeschooling! You can make it easier! You can allow your child to thrive and be successful! You can do this!

Recommended Weekly Choice Navigator Sessions:

Week 1: 30-minute initial session per child to learn more about your child(ren), their learning style, your homeschooling style, goals, challenges, concerns, special needs, ways that I can best support you, etc.

Week 2: Individual 30-minute session to focus and discuss in depth each child's needs & goals. 

Week 3-4: 30-minute follow-up sessions

Week 5+: 30-minute follow-up sessions each week or every other week.

Monthly: 30-minute sessions; when you feel like you no longer need as much support/help, we can transition to monthly sessions or as needed.

Click Here to Request Choice Navigator Services!

Approved Choice Navigator by Step Up For Students!
Provider for the FES-UA and FTC-PEP Scholarships!
Your fees can be reimbursed by your scholarship! Simply request an invoice.
Direct-Pay option available! $20 admin fee.
How to pay for your Choice Navigator Services via EMA:
1. Login to EMA
2. Go to Marketplace
3. Click on Providers
4. Type my name in the search box: JoAn Stead
5. Select the Service(s) and reserve funds from your child's scholarship account.

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