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Homeschooling Consultations

  • Do you need help with how to get started homeschooling in Florida?

  • Do you need help improving your current homeschooling program?

  • Are you needing a fresh new start and want to change things up?

  • Do you need help with how you can homeschool in high school?

  • Do you want more info about dual enrollment, transcripts, high school diploma, College-Prep, Florida Bright Futures Scholarship, etc.?

  • Do you have a child with special needs and want help with how to homeschool? Do you want to know about a scholarship?

  • Do you want to quit homeschooling because you feel like a failure?

  • Do you need help with how to submit reimbursements to Step Up For Students, how to use the FTC-PEP or FES-UA scholarship for your child's education and college, etc.? I'm experienced with the scholarship process and reimbursements and can help you!

Let me help you!

With over 18 years of experience homeschooling my 3 children since Pre-K, I've been there and know all about the struggles and challenges you may be facing! You can enjoy homeschooling! You can make it easier! You can allow your child to thrive and be successful! You can do this!

To schedule a 1-on-1 private consultation with me either in-person,  by phone, or video call, click the link below!

Consultation Fee: $45+

You can add-on a consultation to your homeschool evaluation!

Schedule a Consultation Now!

I'm an approved Choice Navigator
and Provider for the FES-UA and FTC-PEP Scholarships!
Your fees can be reimbursed by the scholarship! Simply request an invoice.

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