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How to Submit a Digital Portfolio:

This is a very easy and convenient option to have your annual homeschool portfolio evaluation completed online and contactless! You don't have to schedule an appointment because it is done asynchronously. You will submit info about your child's progress along with some photos and/or video samples to document your child's progress for the past year.

Pricing begins at $45 for an online asynchronous digital portfolio evaluation! If you have more than 1 child needing a homeschool evaluation, you may select the option to receive a sibling discount! The online form will walk you through the process so you know what to submit. It makes it easy as A-B-C, 1-2-3!

I am an approved Provider for the FES-UA and FTC-PEP scholarships by Step Up for Students! If you would like to have your fee reimbursed, please request a detailed invoice. If you would like me to direct-bill your scholarship account, there will be a $20 admin fee added and sibling discounts do not apply. If you need your evaluation rushed to meet an upcoming deadline, you may add the $20 rush service fee. Please contact me via email or text to make sure that I can accomodate your need for the rush service. Text/Call 850-723-4151

I want to begin my

Virtual Homeschool Evaluation!

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