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Stress-free, Easy, and Supportive Homeschool Portfolio Evaluations by JoAn Stead
18+ Years of Experience Homeschooling 3 Children from Pre-K to College!
  • New to Homeschooling in Florida and Need to Know How to Get Started? Schedule a Consultation!
  • Supporting All Homeschool Styles & Approaches, including Unschooling!
  • Sibling Discounts Gladly Given to Help Make it Affordable! Ask Me About It!
  • Supporting Children with Special Needs!
  • I'm a Provider for FES-UA Florida Empowerment Scholarship Unique Abilities and FTC-PEP Florida Tax Credit Personalized Education Program Scholarship: Schedule Choice Navigator Services for Guidance and Support and to learn more about your options and how to navigate homeschooling while benefiting from one of these scholarships.
  • Offering K-12 Edmentum Exact Path DOE-approved annual norm-referenced assessments--PEP Test!  
  • Need to Learn More about Homeschooling in High School, Dual Enrollment, College-Prep, Scholarships, Transcripts, Co-ops, Extracurricular Opportunities, Bright Future's Scholarship, Tutoring, etc? Schedule a Consultation!
I make the portfolio evaluation process as hassle-free and easy as possible!
It is an honor that you would choose me to be your evaluator/choice navigator!
--JoAn Stead
Submit a Digital Portfolio
to be Reviewed Online!
Need your Evaluation in a Hurry?

If your homeschool evaluation is late or due very soon, you can pay for rush order services so that your evaluation will be completed ASAP, usually in 1-3 business days! Contact JoAn via email or text 850-723-4151 to confirm availability.

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In-Person or Live Video Chat
PEP Testing

Take a homeschool-friendly online test from the comfort of your home--no camera! My standardized test will meet the FLDOE's annual K-12 assessment requirement to renew the Personalized Education Program (PEP) scholarship! This test is adaptive, so the testing time will vary for each student, but there will be a max of 30 questions per subject and it will include Math, Reading, and Language Arts. All for just $75 (direct pay option in EMA)

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